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#3 Learn How to Develop an Effective Content Plan

Episode 3! In this episode we talk about how a well rounded content plan plays a key role in a successful marketing strategy.

What You'll Learn

3 key questions we address:

  • How do I create a content plan?
  • What should my content be about?
  • What is the most effective way to create content?


An effective content plan allows you to execute and distribute that content efficiently.

When creating your content plan understand that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

With that in mind, we break down how to create a content plan in 5 easy steps.

1. Know your buyers persona

Think of their biggest pain points and pay attention to the questions they ask.

2. Identify your campaign goals

Think of some great campaign goals… such as ones based around user engagement, views to leads (form signups) and social shares to name a few. Here is a great article on 5 key goals for content marketing.

3. Identify keywords

A simple way to start this process is by looking through the Google autocomplete search results that contain your brand keywords, the services/ products you sell and adding location based keywords if they are relevant to what you offer.

Another useful way to find keywords is with Googles LSI that shows up at the bottom of search results like so:

LSI example - Google Search - Content Plan

Some more advanced and great tools to use include: SEMrushSpyfuAnswer the Public and Google Trends

4. Pick the right type of content channel

Think about your content, who will be viewing it and how it will be shared. From there you can focus on your approach on creating your content for the right medium. A goal here is to dominate the searches that your prospects are taking. This is in a sense a similar idea to what Grant Cardone describes as omnipresence in the 10x Rule.

5. Define a distribution strategy

More on this next episode but keep in mind no distribution no point. A lot of businesses and websites fail at executing on this part, so stay tuned on how your can master distribution.

Once you have defined your keywords we also talked about how skyscraping can help you figure out what your content should be about.

Even more tools we mentioned: BuzzsumoContent Grader and the Content Calendar.

Links to our around the web questions:
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Key Takeaways:

  • Before you start developing content make sure you have a plan in place!
  • Develop content that is consistently on point by using a content grader
  • Start with a cadence that works for you and your situation

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