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Buyers Persona Podcast Cover

#1 What’s the Impact of Your Buyer’s Persona for Website Traffic?

Our first of many valuable podcasts. In this podcast we will be covering 3 important questions in regards to the buyer’s persona and its impact on your website traffic.


What You'll Learn

You’ll learn first hand:

  • What a buyers persona is
  • How to create a buyers persona
  • Questions to ask when creating a buyers persona (Hubspot 100 questions)

Starting with the knowledge and application of these fundamentals will help you create a marketing strategy that is succinct with your offering.

We have created a buyer’s persona template that will help you generate more targeted traffic to your website. Creating personas allows you to understand your customers and the journey they take when purchasing a product or service. Once you have your personas drawn up, you can then tailor specific content to meet their needs and behaviours, based on market research and from your experience with your actual customer base.

Buyers Persona Template

Stay ahead of your competition and drive more traffic by truly understanding your target audience’s pain points and understanding the importance of being relevant.

Key Takeaways:

Research and communication channels:
B2B – LinkedIn GroupsCapterraQuora
B2C – Facebook GroupsAmazonRedditQuora

Get the most out of your marketing strategy with a buyers persona template

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