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Social Lead Generation - 3 Effective Techniques

#6 Generating Leads With Social Media

In today’s episode #6, we will be covering social media and 3 great techniques to drive more leads to your business based on the listen learn and engage model.

What You'll Learn

We cover 3 important strategies:

  • Gated Content
  • Social Listening
  • Geo-targeting

Did you know?  When making a purchase, 75% of B2B buyers use social media for their decision-making.

So, with that in mind let’s go ahead and cover 3 effective social media techniques:

Gated Content

Your aim with gated content is to provide valuable targeted content to your prospects that will move them down your sales pipeline.

  • Gated content ideas: List posts > checklists > videos > private member library > ebooks
  • Limit details to what you need – Limiting the amount of form fields to the details that you need will help you increase conversions
  • Gate content that is worth gating > Typically the most impactful content is towards the middle to bottom of the sales funnel
  • Message Matching > Keep your message consistent from the gated content lead magnet to the landing page.

You can utilize Thrive to create visually engaging lead magnets and landing pages for your gated content. After you have that all in place you’ll want to maximize your touch points with a solid email marketing campaign.

Social Listening

  • Monitoring keywords > competition > problem based
  • Join into community conversations
  • Monitor your brand with and without @ symbols
  • Ask prospects what they want



  • Find venues where your target audience will have wants / needs
  • Location specific keywords > location specific landers
  • B2C take advantage of events weather/ holidays / sports


From Around the Web Series

How beneficial is social media in generating leads?

Social media plays an important roles towards getting to know your prospects, as it helps move engagement to a more human level. 


How does social media help in lead generation?

With the right strategy and techniques in place you can drive tons of traffic to your website. Your social activities show up in Google search results and the social sites you are active on. 

This closes the loop on the buyer’s journey


How have you best leveraged social media to drive BtoB lead generation?

Target then retarget

Paid ads targeted audience

Linkedin with audience matching  


Summary of Tools:

Key Takeaways:

Follow the listen learn and engage model to create a targeted core offering ( gated content ) that resonates with your audience.

Adding this to your arsenal when it comes to social media marketing will help you generate more leads that you can nurture into customers.

To generate leads with social media you need to apply and test simple and effective techniques that work for your business, try these out and see how they help you grow!

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